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Born To Write 

Kim has had a passion for writing ever since first grade as a member of the Young Writers’ Club at a her elementary school where she often penned short stories about secret crushes, alien invasions, or the sneaky wiles of a little sister.  Kim’s aunt, a retired librarian at the main library in downtown Detroit, blessed Kim with at least one book a year ever since she could read which ignited her infatuation with the written word.

While most young children played outside during summer months, Kim was content writing poetry, short stories and drawing on the dining room table.

It is no surprise that Kim “grew up” to receive a Bachelor of Arts in English from Michigan State University.

While many asked her if her fate was that of a school teacher, Kim was well aware of her passion was for creative writing and asked God to reveal her purpose and He eventually confirmed that one of her main purposes in life is to write.

Whether it’s songs, sermons, screenplays, poems, raps or books… Kim. loves. to write.

Upon an inner unction from God, Kim resigned from her first job out of college in the banking industry after working there for 3 years and attended her church’s Bible Training Center for two years.  She later became a licensed minister, licensed by Bishop Keith A. Butler in 2007.

Upon graduating from BTC, she penned her first novel and after consulting with other national authors and her mentor who would later become her publicist, Pam Perry, Kim starting her own publishing company, Driven Enterprises LLC, in order to self-publish her first novel entitled, He’s Fine…But is He Saved?  

In less than 2 years it had sold over 13,000 copies and was distributed nationally with placement in Borders and end-cap displays with Barnes ‘n Noble which was unheard of for a first-time author’s self-published book.

Running a publishing company soon began to take away from her writing so Kim decided to pursue a major publisher to garner a book deal.  She acquired an agent through networking and in less than two months she signed a five-figure book deal with Kimani Press, a newly acquired imprint of Harlequin which is the world’s largest publisher of women’s fiction.

Harlequin re-released Kim’s first novel which later became a national bestseller with Black Expressions Book Club as it resonated in the churches and single women across the globe.  The Detroit News dubbed it, “A Terry McMillanlike Novel with a Christian Twist.” 

Harlequin next released its sequel, He’s Saved…But is He For Real? which became a Black Christian Book Distributor’s Bestseller and continued the trials and triumphs of three single women friends waiting to be found by love.

All the while, Kim continued to maintain her publishing company and has since self-published 2 more books, non-fiction this time - The Little Black Survival Book for Single Saints, and her latest release, How To Date and Stay Saved.

In between writing, Kim travels across the country and locally presenting How To Date and Stay Saved Workshops and other relationship workshops promoting abstinence ’til marriage which is not only her speaking platform but testimony as she is saving herself for her husband.

Kim also hosts well-attended annual local events in her hometown of Detroit such as gospel speed dating and relationship panels.

She is currently working on her next novel to be published by Simon and Schuster in 2013 which is sure to be a hit with both religious and mainstream audiences as it is a contemporary, hilarious spin on a traditional religious ideal as it pertains to drastic measures one may take while dealing with frustrations related to waiting on the Lord for your spouse.  Hence, the journey continues…


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“Christian Fiction’s rising star.” -Omar Tyree, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Kim’s ministry to singles is sprinkled with a blend of the unadulterated Word of God, realism, humor and love. If you plan to hear her minister, then prepare to be changed!”
-Tia McCollors, Essence Bestselling Author of inspirational novels, The Last Woman Standing, and The Truth about Love

“This is a book that will grab your attention, challenge your motives, and move you to reach for the expectations of God in finding the right relationship.” -Pastor Louis Smith, author of bestseller, Sexual Sins of the Bibleon He’s Fine…But is He Saved?

“Kim Brooks’ love for God’s Word and for men and women of God is apparent in her latest work…sound advice…a guide to all who seek not only God’s way of dating but the most successful way.  If you read this book, and apply its words, you will have the skills you need to find love without the heartache, games, and drama sagas.  -Christine Pembleton, author and marriage expert 

“Kim Brooks brings her mastery of writing to the non-fictional topic of dating, where she grabs you by the hand and delves into the true elements of Christian dating from a biblical perspective sliced with her own personal triumphs and challenges.  Kim awakens the reader to the heart of God and to the true meaning of Christian dating. “ -Ed Houston, Author of, Single and Living Free








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