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Sex! It’s Complicated

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The following is an excerpt from my latest book, How To Date and Stay Saved (from Chapter
6 Sex!  It’s Complicated

Sex outside of marriage complicates things also because it can be very emotional for some
once they’ve given it up, especially women, as it puts the relationship “blinders” on.

You know what I mean, that man may be no good for you.  Your momma, your daddy, your
sister, your brother, your best friend, everybody may be telling you that man is no good for you,
but because he’s so good in bed, you ignore everyone else’s rational thinking because you feel
like no man on this green earth can make you feel the way your man makes you feel and that
he must be the one.

What you may not realize, is that the only reason you feel so strongly about this man is not
because he treats you like a queen – you know that there have been days he treated you
like crap…but because he’s so good in bed and says the right things and knows how to work
it the right way, then you try and justify being blind to the truth.

The truth is, if he’s going to treat you like less of a woman, or even less of a human being,
then no, he doesn’t love you, no matter how many things he buys you and no matter how
much he tells you about how monogamous he is with you an only you.  If he really loved
you, then he would value you and your decision to wait until you’re married before the
two of you have sex.  He wouldn’t leave you at the drop of a hat once you told him.  If
he did then that’s just proof that he doesn’t really love you anyway but was more concerned
about what he could get from you sexually.

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